Business Network International

TNZ Web Solutions is proud to be a member of BNI, the world’s largest and most successful business networking organisation.

Our chapter is BNI Elite, a group of dynamic and committed business people who know how to build long-term, profitable relationships with other like-minded business professionals, both locally and globally.

We are a fun, innovative, and creative team that meets every Thursday morning at 7.00 AM on the dot.

Location: The Atrium Cafe & Conference Centre, 252 Otumoetai Road, Otumoetai, Tauranga, New Zealand

The Atrium Cafe & Conference Centre

BNI® is, without a doubt, the world leader in referral marketing.

A study by the Nielsen company revealed that 92% of clients and buyers trust businesses to who they have been referred to by people they know. One of the most lucrative ways to build your business or brand is to have people recommend you to others, known as “referral marketing.”

With thousands of chapters worldwide and more than one hundred and twenty in New Zealand alone, BNI has a worldwide reputation as the number one way of building relationships that can potentially lead to an increase of opportunities to create an ongoing business with people you like, know, and most importantly trust.


BNI Elite Tauranga

The Power of Referrals

Just in case you did not know this but the lifetime value of an ongoing referred client is 25% higher than that of other clients and customers.

BNI is a member-focused business referral network that works. You will develop long-lasting business relationships with like-minded professionals, creating opportunities that provide value through networking, and at the same given time, you will learn how to improve your business knowledge.

As a BNI chapter member, you will be part of an organization that generated USD 20.4B worldwide in member referral business revenue during 2022.

What Else Does BNI Offer?

BNI members have access to worldwide training through the BNI Business Builder platform. This online learning system offers members a chance to learn a wide range of leadership and networking skills.

They learn to identify untapped business opportunities for themselves and their fellow members. Members develop a business network of like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals who help and inspire tremendous success.

BNI members also learn how to work with others to run a successful chapter, generating significant business for members. New Zealand BNI members used our proven networking system to create more than NZD 91M in referral business during 2020. Would you be interested in a share of this for your business or service?

Visit a chapter to find out how BNI can give you more business opportunities and help you utilize referral marketing.

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