Business Coaching and Regional Business Partner Network

Business Coaching is your ultimate tool for achieving massive results. Some of the biggest and most successful entrepreneurs and organizations rely on business coaching services.

Pursuing a business coach or a business mentor can be a great resource for all types of businesses. Whether you’re an entrepreneur struggling to earn or a professional who’s unsure of his next move, business coaching can set you on the path to success.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into business coaching and what Regional Business Partner Network is.

What is Business Coaching?

“Business coaching services are designed to help business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs grow in different ways.”

Business coaches receive payments and generally work on a fixed schedule to share personalized advice, actionable feedback, and growth plans for you. They can help you increase your company’s revenue, increase your business’s growth or accelerate your career.

The aim of the business coach is to help you emphasize your leadership strengths, work on your weaknesses and establish a path that helps you make better decisions and manifest your overall vision.

What Does a Business Coach Do?

What is Business Coaching

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Business coaches serve as mentors and trainers. They train you in the skills you should be successful in. In addition, they serve as a source of information you should have.

Like any other coach, a business coach works to hone your skills, refine your talents, guide your decisions, and do other things to ensure that your business is successful.

A business coach will start by learning everything about you or your business. Next, they learn about your vision and goals.

Every organization is unique, therefore, your vision and goals are unique too. Therefore, a business coach needs to know whether you’re wanting to turn your business in another direction or simply looking to optimize your current systems.

Next, the coach will work with you to set realistic goals for you and your team. A clear roadmap will be given after taking your suggestions into consideration.

Once the goals are set, your coach will help you achieve them. They will aid you in creating an effective action plan and a set of strategies designed to help you navigate any challenges.

A business coach will guide you throughout the process and serve as an invaluable source of personalized advice and information.

What Does Business Coaching Include?

Business coaching includes:

  • Accountability for achieving goals in your organization
  • Creation and revision of several business operation tasks
  • Professional advice to help you gain a new perspective
  • Strategic planning for the growth of your business
  • Guidance in defining business goals.

It’s important to remain authentic and clear when discussing your goals with a business coach. It’s recommended that you bring your full self to the sessions so that you can properly focus on your business. Therefore, it’s important to be self-aware when working with a business coach. In addition, understand the right kind of business coaching for your needs.

Are Business Coaching Services Worth It?

For founders, executives and CEOs, it often gets lonely at the top. With a business mentor or coach, many business leaders seek business coaching services.

Here are a few head-turning business coaching statistics:

  • 67% of business executives and owners report that business coaching has increased their teamwork skills.
  • 23% of business executives report that business coaching helped them reduce their operational costs.
  • 61% of business owners report that business coaching increased their job satisfaction.
  • 53% of business executives and owners report that business coaching increased their productivity.

A successful business coach will help you achieve:

  • A positive mindset and increased self-awareness. You’ll be able to identify your strengths and weakness better.
  • Gain more clarity. A business mentor will help you understand how to achieve success. Since they’ve helped other businesses, they’re in a position to guide you towards your goals.
  • Development of soft skills. Business coaches have a lot of business experience from which they help you develop the soft skills required to make better decisions. In addition, they also teach you how to apply these skills to your day-to-day life.
  • Growth and accountability. Since business coaches don’t have a personal stake in your organization, they’re able to give you unbiased and valuable insight into your business.
  • Increased individual confidence, productivity, and performance. Your performance, confidence, and productivity increase as business coaching help you develop: soft skills, a positive mindset, and accountability for your goals.
  • Thrive in tough times. One of the biggest advantages of business coaching services is that they prepare you for tough times.
  • Become a better leader. A skilled business mentor leads by example. They demonstrate effective leadership qualities that help build your business.
  • Make more money. Increasing revenue is another reason why business owners seek business coaching services. They help you better use your resources.

7 Things to Consider to Find The Right Business Coaching Service

Finding a business coaching service that will positively influence your business is something you should consider. If you’re unsure of inviting external influence, we can confidently state that when coupled with our selection criteria, the results will be positive.

  • Industry Knowledge. Make sure that prospective business coaches have a thorough understanding of your market opportunities and industry.
  • Expertise in Your Discipline. Consider the maturity and size of your company to determine what you need a business coach’s help with. Is it marketing and sales or strategy and operations? Your business coach should have expertise in the area you need help with.
  • Value Alignment. A business coach will be revising old methodologies and processes and they might be met with resistance if you can’t trust them. Therefore, it’s crucial to match the personality of the coach along with their communication skills and strengths.
  • Their Superpowers. A business coach often has multiple strengths. However, it’s necessary to probe for the trait they can pinpoint your business’s needs. They should have the ability to bridge the gap between how things are and how things should be.
  • Results. A credible business coach will showcase a concrete set of results from past engagements. They can be qualitative or quantitative in nature. Seek out testimonials and references to see with what accuracy were the results achieved.
  • Industry References. Search for previous affiliations and work that were directly relatable to your needs. Prioritize information that showcases credibility and opinion such as podcasts, conferences, and published articles.
  • Knowledge Currency. Your business coach should be up-to-date with your industry trends. They should have an awareness of contemporary options and trends. In addition, they should be able to comment on relevant and recent actions whether they’re demographic or legislative changes and buying patterns.

Business Coaching NZ

If you’re looking for business coaching in NZ, here’s how to find the best ones:

  • Linkedin: It’s a great platform to find business coaches and mentors as it’s filled with business-minded professionals. Browse business coaches’ profiles and review their skillsets, testimonials, and backgrounds. Connect with them and schedule an appointment.
  • Referrals: They’re an excellent place to start especially if you’ve just started your business. People will not only support you but also share their honest feedback about how a particular business coach helped them. In addition, they can also guide you about the payments, what questions to ask, things to keep in mind, etc.
  • Business Coaching Websites: A quick Google search “Business Coaching NZ” will give you tens of results. Either you can check out each website one by one or you can head to a marketplace-stele website. Narrow in your search depending on your budget and location. Remember to speak to a few of their previous clients and get an overview of their costs before scheduling an appointment.
  • Thought Leadership: Most business mentors share thought leadership content. It’s an excellent way to get to know their business philosophy better. Go through their work to get a sense of their coaching methodology, skillset, background, and personality. This gives you a proper idea of how they operate and if they’re going to be the right fit for your needs.

ActionCoach NZ

ActionCoach NZ supports business owners. Their aim is to grow better business throughout New Zealand and Australia. They have a wide variety of business coaching programs and products that support your business. No matter the size and industry of your business, their business coaching programs help grow your business and achieve your goals. Here are a few programs offered by ActionCURVE

  • One-on-One Coaching: This program focuses on accountability and business education. Therefore, it helps you accelerate your business’s growth and achieve excellent results.
  • Executive Coaching: This program helps you achieve your short and long-term goals. Your team and coach work together to achieve maximum organizational and personal impact.
  • Group Coaching: Interactive group settings with other like-minded professionals help you learn and implement new ideas. In addition, it helps you build a solid foundation for all the areas of your business.
  • Workshops and Events: Training workshops are designed to educate and train your teams and employees. Local business events and seminars are designed to deliver business strategies that allow you to grow your business. Other resources such as books, webinars, business valuations, assessments, and online courses are also available.

In addition, they also have a business coaching test. You can become easily become a business coach with their help. Enrolling for the test is the first step to understanding whether this career choice is good for you.

Visit ActionCURVE Business Coaching

Regional Business Partner Network

The Regional Business Partner Network is a funded initiative taken by the New Zealand government. Their aim is to build a strong eco-support for small business owners of New Zealand by bringing together 14 Regional Business Partners. Regional Business Partners have access to the same government-funded resources and programs.

The Regional Business Partner Network is jointly managed by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and Callaghan Innovation.

In simpler words, it’s a gateway that connects you to the right resources, people, and advice at the right time. They help you strengthen your business in a lot of different ways.

Simply register your business with the RBP Network. Once done, you will be put in touch with your local Regional Business Partners.

Regional Business Partners have all the resources such as funding, networks, experts, and local knowledge to help your business stay afloat. In addition, they also connect you with a personal growth advisor.

The Regional Business Partner Network Growth Advisors take a look at your business, devise strategies, and help you connect with experts so that you get the best support to run your business. In addition, they help you:

  • Get Started: Starting a new business is daunting. But, with the right support, you can begin your business journey.
  • Grow: Regional Business Partners help you ease into international markets. In addition, they also help you find more investment opportunities and generate more revenue. They offer practical support and resources to ensure you can grow your business.
  • Innovate: Businesses have to be responsive and agile. In addition, they need to stay ahead of their competitors and global trends. Therefore, they need to make clever business decisions to ensure their growth.
  • Accelerators and Incubators: Regional Business Partners help you identify the expertise you require and connect you with international and national networks.

In Conclusion

Ready to hire the business coaching service that’s right for you? It’s one of the best small business tools you can use.

Spend some time deciding which business coaching service is the best for you it might take some time and self-discipline. However, if you’ve just started your business, it may be the difference between success and failure.

Business Coaching and Regional Business Partner Network

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