How to Become a Professional Home Builder

A home builder is responsible for building every part of your house. They are a group of people who work with other professionals like carpenters and electricians to build your house properly from scratch.

You’ve read about housebuilders in this article. You’ll also get to know about the advantages of hiring custom house builders for building your house.

What Are Home Builders?

A home builder is essentially a person who is responsible for building a house. These are the people who work in a business where they’ve to construct people’s houses. Their work isn’t only limited to houses, though. Some builders work to build corporate buildings, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, etc.

People working in this profession work with many different people. All these crews are responsible for constructing a house and its various parts. Home builders usually work with painters, plumbers, and carpenters. They work together with people and take care of both the internal and external construction of a house.

There are at least three types of house builders.

  • The Tract Builders: These are also known as production builders. These types of builders are responsible for building dozens of houses in a neighbourhood. They build homes even without having buyers, usually, they build these homes on a vacant lot. Once the houses are built completely, they put them up for sale.
  • The Speculative Builders: The spec or speculative builders are similar to The Tract Builders. They, too, start building without buyers and then sell the homes for profit. The difference is that spec builders don’t own large tracts. They’ve smaller pieces of land and lots where they build houses. 
  • The Custom Builders: These are the builders that build houses on request. In simple terms, all you have to think of is your imagination and budget. Knowing these details, custom home builders will build you a home of your choice and design.


Home Builder Responsibilities

House builders have various sets of responsibilities for themselves. When they are building people’s houses, they’ve to pay attention to the smallest of details. As home builders, you have to understand the concerns of your clients.

By understanding their viewpoint, you may be able to help them better. You may also advise them about various house features. Therefore, one of the biggest responsibilities you’ve is to communicate with the client. If there’s no clear communication between both of you, then you won’t be able to work well. Some of the clients may hesitate to state their wishes. Here, you’ve to take the lead and ask more questions to your clients.

Apart from the client, house builders also communicate with other house workers. You have to manage and divide the work between your team. You have to assign tasks to plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters, and so on. You have to keep all their details with you. In case anything goes wrong with their work, the client would question you only.

You have to learn about new home designs, you’ve to keep yourself updated on recent trends. As a builder, you’ve to deliver a home to clients the way they had exactly imagined it. You may add your own changes to their imagination, only to make the home more functional and beautiful.

Builders also have to study the stuff that’s underneath the home. This means that you’ve to study rocks and the land topography too. You can’t build houses on lands that aren’t strong. The bases of a house should be strong. It’ll remain strong for many more years when the soil beneath would be strong too.


How Do Home Builders Make Money?

House builders are also known as residential contractors. These people construct new houses for people and they also help in remodeling old houses. While establishing a house-building company may not be that hard, you’ve to be consistent with your work to make a mark.

People these days have many needs and expectations from their houses. It’s not only about the colours and windows. They need the house to have more useful and comfortable features in it. When builders build people’s dream houses, they keep their businesses growing organically. With this behaviour, they also earn a good deal of money and trust from their clients.

The average base salary of home builders in New Zealand is approximately $62,871 per year. Some builders get their earnings on an hourly basis, which may be around $32 per hour.

Here are the ways that housebuilders make their money.

  • Base House Cost: This is simply the first cost that the builders discuss with their clients. They make the house plan and decide on the estimated price for the house. Here, both parties have to think of a margin. This is because you may require further adjustments around the house.
  • House Standard Options: The standard options include those items that clients change during the pre-planning stage of the house. They may opt for a shed in their garden. They can also ask for different lighting in the attic. Builders ask for more money depending on what the clients request.
  • Late Changes: These late changes include the features that clients ask for when the construction has begun. The home builder tries to avoid these changes. They avoid them because these involve making changes to the whole or part of the house plan. However, when these changes happen, they do ask the clients for more money.

New Home Builder

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How to Choose a Home Builder?

When you’re planning to build a new house or do some house renovations, you’d need the best builders. Choosing the best builders in your city can be a tedious task. Some people fail to meet your expectations, and some don’t offer you many things of value. In such situations, you’d need some tips to find the right fit for your house.

Following are some tips you may need to find your home builders.

  • Previous Testimonials: You can get the previous testimonials from the clients of the builders. You can also find reviews from people on the builder’s website. The builders can connect you with previous clients.
  • Previous Projects: You should talk to happy customers. Besides that, you should also take a look at the previous projects of the home builders you’re working with. You may be able to find some inspiration for your house when you see these projects.
  • Ongoing Projects: If you want to see how the company works, then what better way than this? You may visit the site of an ongoing project of the building company. Here, you’d see how the builders manage their teams and people. You’d be able to see the quality of the work they do. When you’re visiting these sites, you may ask a few questions too.
  • Teamwork: People think that if they’re getting good work done, then nothing else matters. This shouldn’t be the case, however. Knowing that the quality of work is good is crucial. But you should also know about the people who are carrying out these tasks. You’ve to see how well they interact and communicate with each other. Opt for those builders who know how to find solutions to problems by working as a team.


Are Custom Home Builders More Expensive?

When you decide on building a custom home, you’ve to buy your own land. You also have to come up with the whole home-building plan. When you have that with you, then you can find a new home builder. The work doesn’t end there, though. You’ve to walk with the home builders every step of the way.

Since you’ve decided on the plan, you have to constantly be in touch with the builders. They’d keep on asking you for your input too. When you’re building custom homes, you’ve to pay the money per square foot.

There are different variables involved in building custom houses. However, the approximate cost can be around $150 to $400 per square foot. The costs depend on the country that you live in. They may also change depending on the state laws.

The builders will be able to give you a more accurate cost when they take a look at your plan and get the house materials.


Is It Worth Hiring A Custom Home Builder For My Project?

There are certain good advantages of hiring custom house builders to build your new home. Some of these advantages are mentioned below. 

  • Choosing Location: When you hire a custom home builder, you can choose the location for your house. You have full freedom in deciding where you want to stay. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the location in mind, the builder will help you. They’d find a location for you that is suitable for your needs.
  • Communication: One of the best advantages of working with custom home builders is communication. You’re always connected with these builders. So, you can always express your concerns to them. With them, you can discuss all the aspects of your house plan. Both of you can sit together to freely express your opinions.
  • Saving Money and Time: These builders manage many other house workers. When working with custom house builders, you won’t have to find these people individually. It’s the job of the builder to give you the contact of all other important house workers.


The Best Home Builders in New Zealand

Following are some of the best house builders in New Zealand.

  • Stroud Homes: Based in New Zealand, Stroud Homes is a home-building company. This company offers a range of services to their clients. They’d help you in making custom plans for your home. All they expect from you is to have a clear vision of what you want. After that, the team of Stroud Homes builds that vision into reality.
  • Alpha 1 Builders: Alpha 1 Builders is a home building company that’s located in Auckland. The company offers many services to people. They help their clients in garage building, home additions, roof installation, floor polishing, and more. The company is owned and operated by husband and wife duo – Paul and Kate Bateman.
  • Fraemohs Homes: Fraemohs Homes are a company of home builders working in New Zealand since 1968. They have offices in Canterbury, Bay Of Plenty, Tasman, and Central Otago. Fraemohs Homes helps people in new home construction, building green homes, and building timber homes. One advantage of working with them is that they offer you a sustainable design for your home.
  • Arise Builders Limited: Arise Builders Limited is a residential building company based in Bream of Bay, New Zealand. They offer different building services to the people in the whole Whangarei district of NZ. The company helps people with home renovations, building custom homes, building energy-efficient homes, and more.


Professional New Home Builders in the Bay Of Plenty

Below-mentioned is a list of a few house builders in the Bay Of Plenty area.

  • The Thorne Group: The Thorne Group is a family-owned business based in the Bay of Plenty. The company specializes in building both small and big architectural homes. The Thorne Group is a company of builders who’d help you in building homes with an eco-design. They create multifunctional rooms in your house with minimal and small designs.
  • Landmark Homes, NZ: Based in the Tauranga city of Bay of Plenty, Landmark Homes, NZ is a group of home builders. This company has been operating for more than 40 years now. They offer a lot of services to their clients for building their homes. Landmark Homes, NZ provides services like – building fireplaces, rooflines, and cladding. They’d build you any kind of home design, even if you pick it from Pinterest.
  • Fairbarn Builders: Fairbarn Builders are also situated in Tauranga city of the Bay of Plenty. They build new architectural houses and help in house renovations. You may contact this company if you want new home additions, or if you want to build a garage. Fairbarn builders also offer to build home extensions for your house and they would build a custom house for their clients too.


The Takeaway

A custom house builder builds you a house of your desires and needs. When you work with custom home builders, you decide everything about your house. This presents you with a good advantage of building a custom house. When you plan to build your house this way, you can easily express your wishes.

Once you’ve done that, it’s the builder’s responsibility to work with your imagination.

How to become a home builder

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