How to Choose the Right Heat Pump for Your Home

Summer is in the air now, so it’s a great time to look at options for a cooler, drier home across the warmer months.

At Hiko Electrical, we serve Tauranga, Papamoa, and Mt Maunganui with quality Heat Pumps and Air Purifiers; we have expert knowledge and provide an efficient, friendly service to all our clients.

Summer is on its Way

Figuring out which air conditioning unit will give you what you need can be confusing, and there are several approaches you might take when securing the best option for your Tauranga home.

So let’s go through a few points to help you decide where you want to go with ensuring a healthy and comfortable home for you and your family as a long hot summer looms.

Daikin Heat Pump Unit

It’s Daikin Heat Pumps for The Win

Firstly, you should always choose a Daikin heat pump at Hiko Electrical Tauranga. But what system is going to serve your property best? Did you know Heat Pumps can be installed as a ducted system?

If you are building a home, you plan to stay where you are for a few years, or you want the most efficient option to cover your entire floor plan, this will be an excellent choice.

Discreet and Unobtrusive

When you choose a Ducted Heat Pump, Hiko Electrical will install the unit in your ceiling space. The Heat Pump will only be visible as grilles in the rooms you choose to serve, and you will control the heat or cool air dispersed across your home with a wall panel thermostat.

This is a discreet option which means you are not marring wall space or taking up floor space with a Heat Pump, and you can set a timer so your entire home is warmed or cooled when you get out of bed in the morning.

Cooling down with a Daikin Heat Pump installed by Hiko Electrical

Invest In Your Family’s Health

Although a Ducted Heat Pump may be a more significant outlay upfront, a Standard Ducted Heat Pump will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, and you will reduce the chances of mould and mildew taking hold in your home.

This air conditioning unit is essential if you have asthmatics in the house, and you can flip the game with the right Heat Pump. Our Tauranga heat pumps specialists encourage our clients to think of the long-term benefits and instantly increased standard of living that comes as standard with every Heat Pump installation.

Get in touch today to chat about which system will suit your home, and start living your best life with a Daikin Heat Pump installed by Hiko Electrical.

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