The Power of Branded Apparel

Branded apparel includes clothing items that represent your brand to the world. These clothes may include shirts, skirts, pants, jeans, shorts, t-shirts, and so on. Many people wear branded apparel in their daily lives. You can spot lots of people wearing sustainable branded merchandise in cafés or malls.

Throughout this article, you’ll read about such clothing items. We have also mentioned the tips you’ll need to make your brand logo.


What is Branded Apparel?

Branded merchandise simply includes those clothes and outfits with a brand logo on them. These clothes can be your everyday t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, pants, pajamas, jeans, and so on. You can see branded apparel everywhere. On your way to work, you can see people wearing t-shirts with a company logo on them. Even in your office, some of your colleagues do wear such clothes.

One of the reasons that companies and brands use these printed logos on merchandise is because they want to promote their brand. It’s not just the logo that does the work, though. Say you’ve put your logo on a pajama set. But if this pajama set isn’t manufactured from high-quality fabric, then it’ll only bring down the image of your brand.

Branded clothing isn’t limited to clothing brands. Any brand in the world can make branded clothes for their company. For instance, K-pop band Epik High manufactured merch when they released their album last year. Through these branded clothes, they promoted their name and their music.

Brands use trends that are happening in the world to promote themselves, too. Many brands started selling cloth masks with their logos on them. It was helping people in being safe when Covid-19 was peaking, and it also promoted its name.


What Company Makes Branded Merchandise?

As mentioned above, there are many companies that make branded merchandise to promote their work. Many companies start small and gradually expand their business. For instance, a clothing store may have started merchandising by producing t-shirts for men and women. As they start to flourish, they may start producing clothes for children too.

Apart from clothes, brands may also manufacture other items to grow their business and address people’s needs. Many times people express their wishes to the brands, “If only you guys also made branded pens or bottles”. If everything works out well, the customers’ wishes are granted.

Here are some companies that make branded apparel.

  • IT Companies: IT companies like Apple, Google, HP, Adobe, and more have produced clothing apparel for their brands. Their most famous merch includes water bottles, phone cases, and other important tech merch. Apart from them, they’ve also manufactured T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, caps, and socks.
  • Food Companies: Many fast food companies over the world have created branded clothes too. You might have seen people wearing clothing items from Dunkin’ Donuts, Pizza Hut, domino’s Pizza, and more.
  • Beverage Companies: It’s not just the food companies who’ve manufactured successful brand clothing, beverage companies have done it too. Starbucks, Coco-Cola, Pepsi, and others have made similar clothing items like the food companies too.
  • Sports Brands: Sports clothing merch is arguably the most famous clothing merch from companies. Many sports companies like Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Fila have manufactured shoes, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies.


4 Best Branded Apparel Companies

Here’s a list of the best-branded clothing companies in the world.

  • Michael Kors: Michael Kors is a fashion company started by Michael Kors in the year 1981. The company famously produces many types of branded merchandise like jackets, t-shirts, pants, shorts, and more. The brand makes clothes for both men and women.
  • Nike: Nike is an American footwear company that mostly makes footwear merch. Apart from those, Nike has also manufactured t-shirts, shorts, pajamas, sweatshirts, and more. Nike is also the official branded apparel provider for many NBA players.
  • Coach: Coach is a fashion brand based in the USA. The brand manufactured leather purses, handbags, luggage, and other accessories. Apart from these items, Coach also produces clothing items like pajamas and tops for their customers.
  • Burberry: Based in the UK, Burberry is a fashion house that designs footwear, clothing apparel, handbags, and more accessories. For their clothing line, Burberry produces a range of clothes for both men and women. These clothes can be worn on many occasions. They include trench coats, quilts, jackets, puffers, and more.

Custom Branded Merchandise

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How to Create Custom Branded Apparel

When you’ve decided to take the next step forward by making your branded clothing, you should keep the following steps in mind.

  • Know your brand: Before you start making the plan for your clothing merchandise, you’ve to ask yourself an important question. “Who am I?” This question is important because it’ll help you know more about your brand and your goals. You should know the vibe that you’re going with when you make your branded apparel.
  • Know your customers: The next step is obviously to about your customers. Once you know about your needs and goals, you’ve to know about their wishes. Think about what they value and what they expect from you. Here, the most important element that you’ve to remember is that your merch should help them. It should be able to make their life easier in one way or another.
  • Choose the right colours and fonts: The colours for your merch mostly depends on the vibes that you’re going with. You may be an IT brand, but that doesn’t mean your clothes have to use dark colours. It’s healthy if you try to experiment with creativity here. As for the fonts, you’d want to keep them similar to what they’re in your logo.
  • Be consistent with the quality: When creating your custom brand merchandise, consistency is crucial. People will come back to buy more of your merch when they know that the merch is amazing. You’ve to pay attention to the fabric quality of the clothes. These days, people prefer sustainability, so it’d be beneficial if you practiced that.


How to Create Custom-Printed Workwear

Your employees work really hard for your brand. They deserve comfortable clothing when they’re working. It’s important that the people working with you wear the official clothes that represent your company.

Just like many brands think of their customers when they’re creating their apparel, you’ve to think of your workers. Many of them have to work overnight shifts during busy seasons. If it’s the summer season, they’d expect their work clothes to keep them cool. In the same way, if it’s the winter season, they’d expect clothes that keep them warm.

Here are some tips you’d need to know when you’re creating custom-printed workwear.

  • Find a printing company: This is where you’ll begin when you’re creating printed workwear. Get recommendations from other industry people and find the best printing company. Do remember that the clothing quality matters more here. You should also see the feedbacks that these printing companies have received from other people.
  • Select the cloth: After finalizing the company that you’ll work with, select the clothes. Select all types of clothes that you’ll need for your workers. For men, you may need pants, a jacket, and a vest. For women, you may need pants, a jacket, and a top. Decide what clothes you want by discussing them with your team.
  • Design the cloth: The next step is, of course, designing the clothes. Here, you’ll need to think of the printing work that you want on these clothes. Do you want just a small company logo? Are you looking for an embroidery print?
  • Select the sizes: At last, don’t forget to select the cloth sizes. None of your workers would want to feel embarrassed to see that there’s no size for them. Hence, to not create this awkward situation, do keep all the clothing sizes from XS to XL.


How to Create Clothing Brand Logos

To create your brand logo, you’ll need to brainstorm ideas with your designers. People of this day and age love irony. So, you make an ironic logo for your brand. If not irony, then you make a literal logo too. There are no rules, all you’ve to create is what feels right to you.

Here are the steps you’ll have to follow to make your brand logo.

  • Choose a Design Platform: There are many online platforms which you can design your logo from. Some platforms are specifically built to help you make your brand logo. You may choose from platforms like Canva, Affinity Designer, or Adobe.
  • Pick Colour and Shape: In the next step, you’ll have to pick the logo shape that you want to go with. You may also use a symbol instead of a logo. A clever logo would be to use a combination of texts and symbols. Then there are colours that you’ve to pick out. Think about the colours that represent your brand identity.
  • Decide on Typography: The logo of your brand would have your brand name too. Here, you’ve to select the font type and font size that you want to keep on the logo. Decide on the text style that’ll be easier to read for people. The last thing you’d want is to change the name of your brand because of the complicated text style.

Besides these elements, you should know about your industry too. If you’re making clothes only for children, then the logo should look friendly and cute. It also depends on the types of clothes you’re manufacturing. If you’re designing sportswear, then design the logo with a sporty vibe.


What is Branded Promotional Merchandise?

Promotional merch includes those clothing items that the brand manufacture to raise awareness. This awareness may be regarding recent trends in the world, or it may be to convey a message to people.

Such promotional merchandise helps brands in connecting more with their audiences on an emotional level. As a customer, you’d be elated to find out that your favourite clothing supports animal rights, just like you do.

Apart from raising awareness, brands also use their merch to promote their products too. A brand may give out what is called freebies in order to promote its brand name. Sometimes brands do these promotional activities at a loss for themselves. However, in the long run, if it gets them a good response, then the loss doesn’t matter much.

If you’re a clothing company, then with your branded apparel you may promote items like handkerchiefs, scarves, or socks.


What is Logo Branded Merchandise?

Logo-branded merchandise refers to those branded clothing items that have a logo of the brand. This merch could be anything like a pen, notebook, water bottle, coffee cups, t-shirts, caps, and more.

Brands do this so that people can become aware of the brand name. Many brands sell this merch to the general public in decent price ranges. There are times though when brands or influencers will manufacture these merchandise only for a selected group of people. This means that only a few patrons or customers with memberships can avail of these products.

In this way, they make these products more exclusive. This exclusivity helps in making these items precious, if not rare.


Who Makes Branded Corporate Apparel in NZ?

Here are some companies that make branded merchandise in New Zealand.

  • EmbroidMe: Based in the city of Tauranga, New Zealand, EmbroidMe is the best stop for a corporate shop. The brand makes corporate uniforms and promotional products for various corporate industries. You’d find many clothing apparels from EmbroidMe including, caps, hats, beanies, t-shirts, singlets, and many more. If you’re looking to have some promotional products, then you may opt for key rings, tech products, or personal products.
  • U Name It: At U Name It, you’d find different kinds of embroidered clothing items for you and your team. When you’d choose this company for your clothing needs, you’d be ensured that your clothes will remain the same. This means that clothes made from U Name It don’t fade away after washing, and the embroidery remains intact too.
  • Brand4U: This is another branded apparel company based in New Zealand. With Brand4U, you may get promotional products, headwear, workwear, and other clothing items for your team’s needs. From shorts to full-size pants, you may opt for any clothing items that you need.


In Conclusion

Many brands make promotional merchandise and branded apparel to promote and grow their business. When they’re making these products, they do it by recognizing their company values. Then, they take the next step of addressing the concerns of their customers.

These products are what’ll make the customers come back again to shop for more. For that to happen, a brand has to know how a product can add value to people’s lives. You’d have to think harder and make more effort if you want people to come back to your brand.

The Power of Branded Apparel

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