The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a part of marketing that takes place on the internet. Businesses, entrepreneurs, content creators, and bloggers use it to reach an audience that is beyond their immediate surroundings.

It is a broad terminology that contains many aspects that help a business grow and become recognizable. More and more people are using digital means to promote their brands these days. That is mainly because the traditional means of marketing have become less relevant in today’s time.

This modern means of marketing provides more than just sales. Through these marketing methods, brands can evaluate the needs of their users and customers. Once they know what the customers want, they can create a business model that caters to all their needs.

Marketing your brand in the digital world also helps you understand where you stand and what you need to do to stand out. The various marketing tools and strategies help your brand in progressing and doing better to achieve bigger goals.

In this article, we have described the marketing strategies that will attract more people and also advance your business.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing refers to the marketing processes that are done on the digital platform or on the internet. In the earlier days, a brand’s marketing was done more or less in one way. But today, it is so much more than that. In today’s society, people expect more, people want to know more about you, people want to know how your brand would help them.

The importance of these marketing tactics should not be underestimated, if applied in the right manner, you will notice the positive differences that your services and products make for the general audience.

Here is how you can benefit by marketing your business digitally. 

  • Targeting people who want your services

Advertising through the means of television or billboards will not tell you who your customer is. These ways can help you only to an extent. But when you are marketing through emails or websites, you will target the people who are specifically looking for your product. 

  • Cost-effective methods

You will know what method of marketing is getting you those conversions. If some of the digital means are not providing you with high ROI (Return On Investment) then you can stop using them, or decrease their usage and save some money.

  • Staying in the competition

As small businesses, there are bigger brands out there with loyal audiences. Competing with them may be difficult for you. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t catch up with them. Better yet, if you utilize the strategies in smart ways, you can even outrank them. 

  • Measuring the growth

There are stats and metrics provided to you by the marketing tools that you use. You can know what is helping you and by how much. You can see the accurate results of almost everything such as many views, clicks, etc.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

Small businesses that are starting out really have to hustle their way to reach the top. People are already familiar with bigger brand names, so making them remember your name won’t be an easy process.

However, there are many digital marketing strategies that have made this process easier for you. Reaching out to people and telling them out about your brand’s story is now easier. If you pay attention to the process and have a healthy engagement with your audiences, it won’t take too long for you to have that success.

Here are a few digital marketing strategies that small businesses can benefit from. 

  • Content Marketing: Content marketing means sharing purposeful and useful content over the internet. It could include blogs, vlogs, or social media posts. These contents help in building your brand’s identity. For instance, if you have a café, then you can upload videos of the coffee-making process. You can also write blogs about coffee machines, why coffee is important to you, and so on.
  • Search Engine Optimization or SEO: Good SEO strategies will ensure more traffic and more visibility of your brand. SEO will help your website to have a high rank in search engines. Through the use of link building, keywords, images, and meaningful content, your SEO would improve and so will the brand image.
  • Email Marketing: Through email marketing, your customers will get timely updates about you. Whether you are opening a new branch or introducing more products, emails will let your customers know about all of it.
  • Social Media Marketing: Utilize all the social media means, talk about your business platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Since all the platforms have different age groups of people on them, you will reach all of them.

How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy

The following ways explain how you can create a successful marketing strategy.

  • Determine your goals: Your business goals are significant to your success. These goals do not have to be too complex. Making smaller and achievable goals is the way to go. But that does not mean you can slack off on your job. If your website is not working properly, you have to fix it. This is why many digital marketers believe in having SMART or Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely goals.
  •   Know the buyer persona: Knowing the buyer persona is basically how you understand what your buyer’s needs are. You have to put yourself in your buyer’s shoes. Sometimes you even have to walk around in their shoes to understand their requirements. When you know a buyer’s persona, you can roughly expect what they will buy from your range of services.
  • Learn about the sales funnel: A sales funnel has many steps that help a businessperson know where their potential customers are. Sales funnel includes Awareness: Increase your brand awareness. Let the customers know who you are and what you do. Interest: Get people interested in your brand. Give them something that is different from other brands. Engagement: Interact with people online through Instagram or Facebook live and answer their questions. Action: Market your products and services to them. Customers can go back and forth in these stages. Therefore, your goal here is to get the customer from the awareness stage to the action stage.
  • Review your existing marketing strategies: You should know if there have to be further adjustments you’ll have to make in your existing digital marketing strategies. Maybe your SEO needs improvements, maybe you need to have better marketing tools.
  • Check your progress:  When everything has been sorted out, keep a check on your progress. Know what is working for you and what is not.

How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency?

If you understand the digital world and the constant changes it goes through, then starting a digital marketing agency is not an impossible task for you. The world has come far, the challenges you’d have faced 20 or 30 years ago, don’t even exist anymore. Today’s marketing process is easy if you have the will to do it.

  • Develop your skills: There are various skill sets you need in the digital marketing realm. You’ll constantly be communicating with clients about ideas, themes, posts, products, and many other things. As a digital marketer, it is your duty to help clients in making better business strategies. You should have the necessary skills to communicate your advice to them.
  • Find your niche: Many marketers deal with all types of industries. It comes easy to a lot of them. But there are advantages to having a niche too. Once you know your niche and start working towards that, you might just stand out from the crowd. Plus, this way, a client would know that you specialize in their field.
  • Do your research: Research is an important part of being a marketer. Not only do you have to do research about your competitors, but you also have to do that for your competitors too. You have to know how you are different from them. Maybe they have a niche that is different from yours. Perhaps their social media game is not strong. Doing research will provide you with other necessary details.
  • Find a team: You can’t do all of it by yourself. Distributing tasks to different people allows you to engage with more clients. People can have different responsibilities. Hire a few freelancers at first, check people’s abilities for these tasks. Once you are sure of them, you can hire them as full-time employees.


Which Industry Needs Digital Marketing The Most

As the trends have shifted from traditional methods to digital marketing methods, many industries of the world are also shifting and embracing these trends. All the industries have been carefully observing the changing digital trends in the world.

Here is how some of these industries are doing it. 

  • Entertainment industry: Entertainment industry has been thriving because of digital platforms. The entertainment industry giants have been using the OTT platforms for a few years now. They are noticing the differences that this move has made for them. This is only the beginning for them, over the next few years people will see more unique stories and relatable characters in the entertainment industry.
  • Health industry: The health industry is utilizing this move by discussing health-related topics. They are breaking stereotypes, breaking myths, educating people, and dismissing false information. Moreover, it isn’t only physical health, people on the internet are talking about mental health too. So, health practitioners are addressing their concerns over social media platforms.
  • Food industry: Food always comes first, and the food industry knows it for sure. There has been significant growth in the social media presence of food-related businesses. Restaurateurs, café owners, food bloggers, and caterers have made a huge fanbase on apps like Instagram and Twitter. 50% of users first look at the Instagram profile of the restaurant and then they decide whether they want to visit that place or not.
  • Fashion industry: The fashion industry doesn’t want to be left out of the game. This industry is using these methods to appeal to the audience. Fashion is not only about fashion these days. It is about how a fashion brand is impacting the world positively. They are using digital methods to let people in on the creative process.


Digital Marketing Tauranga

  • Click n Call: Click n Call, founded in 2016, is a digital marketing agency based in Tauranga, New Zealand. The agency helps with many aspects of marketing, including email marketing, website development, Google Ads, and SEO. They also do research about your competitors and help you improve your marketing strategies. Client communication is effortless with them, as the name suggests, you just have to click and call.
  • Wave: Wave is a marketing agency that operates in the Bay of Plenty. The agency was established in 1994. Their services include brand designing, advertising, UX. They also help out brands in digital events. Whatever a modern world business needs, can be delivered to them by the team of Wave.
  • Woods: Woods is a creative marketing agency that has been providing its services since 2004. They specialize in digital and content strategy, brand strategy, brand identity, and brand designing. They have provided their marketing services to many clients based in the Tauranga region.

In Conclusion

Marketing methods have significantly changed over the last five or ten years. Many people still believe in the traditional marketing methods and many have started using the newer ways.

Digital marketing is a concept that started out as a small way to find a connection with consumers. Over time, it has changed the way many industries do their operations. Nowadays, people are becoming internet savvy. It is through the internet that people know what is happening in the world.

Digital marketers and businesses have observed this change in the behavior of people. Therefore, they are now opting for smarter tactics to engage with the customers. This engagement lets them know about the buyer’s needs, and through that businesses change their models to serve the customers better.

Guide to Digital Marketing

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